To celebrate the community service within PTKI context, the Ministry of Religion through the Directorate of Islamic Religious Higher Education (DIKTIS), the Sub-Directorate of Community Service (PkM) in collaboration with various parties, held Best Service Award Program. The Best Service Award has three categories: (1) Inspirational Service Figure, (2) Best Community Service Program, and (3) Best KKN Program. This program is one of a series of agendas for the 2022 International Conference on Community Agagemnent (IconUce) held at IAIN Sheikh Nurjati Cirebon.

Inspirational Service Figure

Inspirational Service Figures is the award category celebrating an exemplary service figure for their impactful recognized by the community. These figures are individuals who inspire and move community groups, have the spirit to benefit others and are able to encourage others continuing to improve the quality of their development. Selection of Inspirational Service Figures using the following indicators:

  1. educators and education staff at PTKI who have consistency in doing community service;
  2. have a community service program for at least 3 years running;
  3. innovate to change society for the better;
  4. his character has received recognition from the government/community/assisted community

To take part in this selection, participants must make a self-description which includes a biography of the figure, the model of service developed, the location of the service, the focus of the service, the background of continuous service, the method of service, the stages of service, the parties involved in the service including sponsorship, community feedback about the service, development of service results, and video documentation of service activities.

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Best Community Service Program

Best Community Service Program is an award category for service programs carried out by the acadmicians that is able to move the community so that it improves the quality of life, both in terms of religiosity, economy, and social.
The selection of the best service program uses the following indicators:

  1. the community service program answers the problems and needs of the community;
  2. the community service program has a positive impact on people's lives, religion, and the country;c. the community service program has an information center and community service, and involves students in its implementation;
  3. the community service program has a planned and sustainable organization;
  4. the community service program has partnerships and synergies with the government or the industrial world so that it can create business opportunities;
  5. the community success of the service program can be measured through monev;
  6. the community service program is recognized for its success by the government and the assisted communities/communities; and
  7. the results of the service program are published in accredited national journals or in the form of books, intellectual property rights, mass media and others
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To take part in this selection, participants must make a description of the place of service, focus of service, service guidelines, service planning, service organization, service methods, stages of continuous service activities, service partnerships, service funding, service supervision, evaluation of service results, service products, impact and the development of service results, administration, service documentation, service awards, and service publications. Everything is done in an organized and sustainable manner.

Best KKN Program

Best KKN implementation is the award category to recognize KKN organizers. The said organizer has an effective and efficient mechanism for implementing KKN, and has a significant impact on the community where KKN is implemented. This category of Best Community Service Program is managed by LP2M, carried out by students and guided by supervisors in certain places and times.

The selection of the best KKN program uses the following indicators:

  1. has a service methodology that distinguishes it from other universities;
  2. has been running for 1 to 2 years;
  3. has a capable application;
  4. has measurable process management;
  5. has monev results;
  6. has user satisfaction survey results;
  7. has a positive impact;
  8. published activities through mass media.
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To take part in this selection, participants must make a description of the locus of KKN, focus of KKN, KKN guidelines/techniques, KKN methods, stages of KKN activities, partnerships and sponsorship of KKN, KKN supervision, evaluation of KKN results, KKN outputs, product innovation resulting from KKN, community response. about KKN, the impact and development of KKN results, as well as the publication of its KKN.