This expo provides opportunities for universities, civil society organizations, and the wider community to share opinions from various experiences about the concept of community service. The target audience for the exhibition of service works is 75 delegates from LP2M PTKI in Indonesia, Regional Governments in Region III Cirebon, MSME partners fostered by Bank Indonesia and Sharia Banking, as well as NGOs and Philanthropic/Fundrising Institutions. The terms and criteria for participation in the exhibition are:

  1. The community service expo exposes the results of community service work carried out by PTKI, products from community empowerment, as well as community service product consultations
  2. The expo will be held on October 24-26 2022 at the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training IAIN Sheikh Nurjati Cirebon
  3. Registration for Participation in the Exhibition of Devotion